steammax nozzle spraying waterFloMax®-S Nozzles: High-Efficiency Steam Nozzles Optimize Gas Cooling & Eliminate the Need for Compressed Air 

FloMax-S nozzles produce the very small drops required for cooling and quick evaporation. Unlike air atomizing nozzles that require compressed air, FloMax-S nozzles use steam to atomize fluids and slurries. The proprietary, patent-pending design of the nozzles ensures tight drop size control for precise, efficient gas cooling.

  • Use of available steam eliminates the need for costly compressed air
  • Efficient atomization and fluid mixing eliminates condensation problems that can interfere with drop size consistency
  • Boost production – individual nozzle control for automatic adjustment to varying strip widths
  • Long service life due to use of wear-resistant materials
  • Simple design ensures fast and easy maintenance